What is it? 

The Summer Reach Challenge is a lifestyle evangelism initiative designed to mobilize Christians to reach the lost.

How does it work? 

It’s simple. Intentionally build a relationship with someone who doesn’t know Jesus, and challenge someone to do the same. Use #summerreach if you’re on social media. 

Why is it important? 

·      The gospel is the only means by which we spend eternity with The Heavenly Father. ~Acts 4:12

·      Many Christians delegate evangelism to a department or ministry team.

·      90% of church members believe it’s their pastor’s job to lead people to Christ — not theirs.

·      Many Christians overcomplicate what it takes to be a witness.

·      Many churches experience significant decline in the summer and thus stop evangelism efforts. However, the devil doesn’t take summers off. 

Where did the idea come from?

A holy discontent with the phrase "Summer Slump" and how the summer has become a time for some churches to cease all or most efforts to reach the lost.

What is lifestyle evangelism? 

There are multiple definitions. Here’s ours:

Lifestyle evangelism is the art of using one's everyday life to intentionally build relationships with people who don't believe in Jesus.

Lifestyle evangelism ideas? 

  • Invite your neighbor over for dinner.
  • Participate in an outdoor activity with someone (fishing, volleyball, camping, bonfire, etc.).
  • Watch a sporting event with someone.
  • Go to lunch with someone at work.
  • Bring someone to your Life(Small) Group.
  • Volunteer at a community event with the intent to build a relationship with someone who doesn't believe in Jesus.
  • Converse with a stranger while you’re out shopping or eating at a restaurant. Exchange contact information.
  • Schedule a play date with your child’s friend from school or daycare. 
  • Leave your phone in your pocket while you’re out and about. Look around. Opportunities are right in front of you. :)

How to share your faith? 

Not everyone is an evangelist, but we are called to be a witness. Download this simple worksheet to help you outline your story and share your faith.

How can someone be saved? 

By confessing with their mouth and believing in their heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead. ~Romans 10:9 

Here are four steps adopted from Billy Graham’s Peace with God. 


"God used me to lead my Lyft Driver to Christ! It was literally a miracle and made me willing to share my faith even more!" 

"We decided to engage in conversation with a youth organization that was going door-to-door. They said they never felt love like this before. We invited them in and they stayed for hours just talking! God is so amazing! We can't wait to see what's next." 




For questions about this initiative and information regarding how you can join, please contact Pastor Darryll Stinson at darryll@lifechurchatl.com.